Learning Swedish: Week 20

Week 20

A - 12 hours, B - 10 hours, C - 8 hours, D - 6 hours, E - 4 hours, F - 2 hours

I want to say this is my first 'F'?!

I want to say this is my first 'F'?!

Studying Time - 3 Hours.

What Did I Work On?

I focused on writing in Swedish and getting feedback from a native. Seeing where I have gone wrong has helped me understand grammar more effectively.

Video Updates

I thought I'd film an update video of my Swedish progress. Who better to critique me on my Swedish than my girlfriend who I surprised a few months ago.

What Did I Struggle With?

Finding time to study. With my sister's wedding and girlfriend visiting from Sweden, I found it difficult to find some time to dedicate a couple of hours of the day to study Swedish.

A Goal For Next Week.

Buy a little notebook that will be dedicated for every Swedish entry.

Useful Article.

A 32-minute read on how to learn any language fast. I found some useful tips from this article.