Learning Swedish: Week 43

This was my first week of studying Swedish at the SFI course. Although it looks like I’ve spent a considerable amount of hours learning the language, I’m in two minds with my progress.

Firstly, the class that I’m currently in is dead easy. I’ve asked if I can move and the teachers said that they will keep an eye on me and move me to an appropriate class if need be.

Secondly, I don’t know how I feel about a classroom setting, at times I feel that it is an outdated system, I feel that I’ve learned more by myself and did it at a faster rate.

I’m going to monitor my progress in this course and see if it’s worth doing. Perhaps, I will still study Swedish using my own methods at the same time.

Studying Time - 10 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart.png

What Did I Work On?

Studying Swedish at SFI

What Did I Struggle With?

Patience. The class that I’m in is too easy, I need to see if I move up another level.

A Goal For Next Week.

Study Swedish outside of SFI classes.