Learning Swedish: Week 42

Consistency is important for learning any skill, but for some reason I had forgotten that. This week I told myself that I need to get back to being consistent with my studies, even 30 minutes of deliberate practice is worth it.

I vowed myself to get back to studying even if I don’t feel motivated enough. I’m always reminded by the quote,

"If I skip practice for one day, I notice. If I skip practice for two days, my wife notices. If I skip for three days, the world notices."

- Vladimir Horrowitz

Studying Time - 4 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart.jpg

What Did I Work On?

Trying to not break the chain. Even if I didn’t feel motivated to study - which I have been feeling lately - I told myself I need to stay consistent.

What Did I Struggle With?

At the beginning of the week I had lost motivation to do anything, I took some time out to reflect and decide on what to do next. I’m going to try my best to remain as consistent as possible no matter what is thrown my way.

A Goal For Next Week.

Not break the chain, I must study for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday.