Learning Swedish: Week 38

This week wasn’t my best. I’m not making any excuses, but I couldn’t find the time to study Swedish. I guess it show where my priorities are. Next week I need to bring my number of hours for studying Swedish back up to at least 7 hours.

I’m hoping to apply to SFI next week, this should hopefully help me to commit more hours to learning a new language.

Studying Time - 3.5 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart.png

What Did I Work On?

I started watching a Swedish comedy skit show. It was cheesy, but I found myself laughing at times, which meant at times I understood what was going on.

What Did I Struggle With?

Prioritising time to study. It was a poor effort on my end, I need to bring the number of studying hours back up.

A Goal For Next Week.

To study at least 7 hours next week!