Week 2

Week 2

Really need to study more!

Really need to study more!

Studying Time:

Monday - 0.5 hours
Tuesday - 0 hours
Wednesday - 1.5 hours
Thursday - 1.5 hour
Friday - 0 hours
Saturday - 0 hours
Sunday - 1 hour

Total Time: 4.5 hours

Gaaahhhh! I really need to pick this up!

What I Learned This Week:

I really was just recapping learned words, so I didn't really pick up anything new. I guess that's my fault as I didn't commit to enough hours this week.

What I Need To Work On Next Week:

As I'll be in Sweden visiting my girlfriend, I shall work on conversing in Swedish more with the family.

Further Thoughts

I told myself to complete Duolingo by the end of March. I have to make sure I commit enough time on Duonlingo for this!