Week 1

Week 1

Got to pick this up for next week!

Got to pick this up for next week!

Studying Time:

Monday - 1.5 hours
Tuesday - 0.5 hours
Wednesday - 0.5 hours
Thursday - 1 hour
Friday - 0 hours
Saturday - 0 hours
Sunday - 1.5 hour

Total Time: 5 hours

I’m slacking! 

What I Learned This Week:

The word ‘om’ can have three different meanings. It’s so confusing and there are no rules in order to differentiate it, you just have to figure it out. Not only is this annoying, but it’s more work on the brain!

What I Need To Work On Next Week:

My grammar is still not the best, I need to figure out a fun way in order to learn the mechanics of the language. I’m going to look for games, or perhaps read more children books in order to try and pick up the rules.

Further Thoughts

I have decided to use this space to fill out a weekly report on how I’m doing with my learning. Not only will this keep me accountable for practicing Swedish, but it’ll help me see my progress and give me a good idea of what to work on next. 

Unfortunately, I came up with this idea only now. Which means I have missed out on about 5 months worth of documentation. Not to worry, at least I am starting it now, and in three months time, I will be thanking myself that I started it all together.

I managed to surprise my girlfriend after 3 months of intense studying, but I am still far from a decent level of fluency. Fortunately, I do not need to hide from her that I am learning Swedish anymore. She has been helping me with that language, so hopefully, this will speed up my learning rate.

It’ll be interesting to see my development, hopefully, I’ll be able to achieve fluency within the deadline!