Week 02

Week Commencing 03/05/19

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Monday 0
Tuesday 0.5
Wednesday 0.5
Thursday 0.5
Friday 0.5
Saturday 0
Sunday 1
Total 3

What did I work on?

Copying pieces of work that inspires me. There seems to be a language to kawaii expressions that I have yet to understand. I'm hoping the more that I expose myself to different examples, the more that I pick up its rules.

What did I struggle with?

Finding enough time to sit down and sketch. I've been overseas visiting my new niece so I don't feel too bad about not working on the skill hard enough.

What went well?

I feel like I'm picking up the technique to working on the basic shapes first. It'll be interesting adding colour, or shifting over to the computer. For now, I still think I need to focus with just the pencil and paper.

How can I improve for next week?

Spend more time with the sketchbook. I need to keep exposing myself to inspiring kawaii art.

A goal to work towards for next week?

Spend at least an hour a day working on this skill.

Visual Progress