Week 01

Week Commencing 27/05/19

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Monday 1
Tuesday 1
Wednesday 1
Thursday 1
Friday 1
Saturday 1
Sunday 0
Total 6

The beginning

I've always wanted to be able to be confident in my drawings. Being a graphic designer, I'm no stranger to design, but I've always lacked the skill of drawing and sketching. A lot of my work revolves around the computer, but I rarely pick up the pencil to sketch anything out.

I've decided to work on my sketching and drawing abilities by focusing on a specific type of style, kawaii to be exact.

The style has always been attractive to me and I've always wanted to be able to sketch something and be confident with it.

I know nothing about it's origins or the rules, but I realise in order to get good at drawing I just need to copy other peoples work and expose myself to their creativity.

I would love to be able to design my own characters, but I think I'm far from that goal. For now I just want to focus on copying other peoples work and seeing how I get on.

How do you get better?

As I've begun this journey, I often come back to the same thought process of 'how do you get better at drawing?' Everyone has their own style and there's no right or wrong. What might be a harsh line to you, might be something else to another person.

I don't think I have an answer to this question and it's something that I have to keep on tackling throughout my journey.

Perhaps, in the journey itself I will find the answer.

Visual Progress