Week 16

Calendar Number
Week 32
Year 2019

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Mon 0
Tue 1.5
Wed 0
Thu 0
Fri 0
Sat 0
Sun 0
Total 1.5

What did I work on?

Working on my normal routines. Static holds, bodyweight exercises and etc

What did I struggle with?

Holding the planche progression effectively.

Stupidly, I've been training on a weak wrist as I didn't want to miss out on a training days. I am now paying for it. Every time I hold the PL progression, my wrist feels like it is on fire. I need to ease back on this, or perhaps, even stop working on it entirely until I've regained strength with my wrist.

I'm in no rush to attain the movement, nor do I want to inflict more damage to my body. So I've decided to stop aggravating my wrist with unnecessary movements and focus on everything else.

What went well?

Hollow body holds.

I realise that the hollow body hold is an important hold that needs to be perfected in order to progress with any gymnastic movement. My core is weak and working on this hold should strengthen it. I can feel the affects already.

The goal is to hold a 1 minute hollow body hold with perfect form. I've got a long way to go.

How can I improve for next week?

Work on other movements whilst I'm resting the wrist.

I won't be resting it entirely, but not putting the same amount of pressure that I have done in the past. I'm going to gauge it throughout the pain and decide if I need to dial it back even further. I don't want to damage my wrist permanently.