Week 15

Calendar No.
Week 31
Year 2019

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Mon 1.5
Tue 0
Wed 1.5
Thu 1.5
Fri 1.5
Sat 1.5
Sun 1.5
Total 9

What did I work on?

Getting back to my normal routine.

What did I struggle with?

I struggled slightly with holding a few of the static holds, especially the planche progression. I did however find the front lever quite easy to hold now.

A goal to work towards for next week?

Focus on the fundamentals of the hollow body hold position. I realise how this position is so important to master. If I have a strong core, I'll be able to channel that strength into every other position in gymnastics.

Further thoughts

I realised that for the past 3 weeks I've not been able to work on my this particular skill. I think it's best to start over and reset my check-in dates, this might mean that it'll take a little longer in order for me to see progress, but I started to realise why am I trying to rush it?

It's more important for me to get the foundations strong, regardless of how long it'll take.

Visual Progress