Week 09

Week Commencing 17/06/19

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Mon 1.5
Tue 1.5
Wed 1.5
Thu 0
Fri 0
Sat 0
Sun 0
Total 4.5

What did I work on?

Apart from the usual exercises, this week I had to test how far I have progressed with my max hold for each static position. I was unable to test 4/6 positions this week, but I managed to test the planche and front lever progressions.

I passed the planche 60 second test, but only held the front lever for 50 seconds. Even though I failed to reach the 60 second mark, I was impressed to see that I increased my max hold by an additional 35 seconds.

What did I struggle with?

Working out during the second half of the week. Since a friend came to visit from another country, exercising wasn't a priority. In cases like this, I don't mind missing out on a few workouts.

What went well?

Reaching a 60 second hold for the planche progression.

How can I improve for next week?

Commit to more hours.

A goal to work towards for next week?

Start working on my flexibility as well. Gymnasts have great flexibility and are mobile. I need to start working on this element as well.

Visual Progress