Week 05

Week Commencing 20/05/19

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Mon 1.5
Tue 1.5
Wed 1.5
Thu 1.5
Fri 1.5
Sat 1.5
Sun 1.5
Total 9

What have I been struggling with?

I managed to tweak my wrist slightly, most probably when I was working on my handstand.

The issue is, should I rest my wrist and delay my workout plan? Or power through? Because I'm not patient and I'm an idiot I'm going to consciously make the decision to carry on, but if I feel that I can't carry on I will shut it down.

What is going well?

I can clearly see and feel an improvement in my strength. In just a little over a month I can hold my static positions easily.

I'm looking forward to seeing my progress in another month.

Visual Progress