Week 01

Week Commencing 22/04/19

How many hours did I work on my skill?

Day Hours
Mon 1
Tue 0
Wed 1.5
Thu 1.5
Fri 1.5
Sat 1.5
Sun 0
Total 7

The beginning

Exercising is nothing new to me. Before this project I had spent years at the gym lifting weights. Deadlifts, benchpress and squats were my go-to exercises, yet I would struggle to hold a handstand; don't even get me started with holding a front lever.

Gymnastic movements were always a spectacle for me and their movements were hard to attain. I came across Christopher Sommer's Book, 'Building the Gymnastic Body' and I was inspired.

Using the information from Sommer's book, I've decided to work on my gymnastic strength using the various static positions that were outlined. Using his steady state training cycle, I shall figure out my baseline for each position and work from there.

This process can take up to 2 months before I can move onto the next progression and a few years until I master it entirely. I've got a long way to go, but I'm willing to commit to the project. Hopefully, I will see some progress as time goes on.

My training workout

Using the steady state training cycle suggested in the book, I've figured out my workout plan for the next two months.

There are 6 static gymnastic positions that I'd like to perfect in this project. They are:

  • Front Lever
  • Back Lever
  • Planche
  • Straddle
  • L-Sit
  • Handstands

Apart from the L-Sit and Planche, I am starting from the first progression. For the next 8-12 weeks I will be including the following to my workouts:

  • Progression: Straddle L - PB Low Sets: 5 x 12 seconds

  • Progression: Planche - Advance Frog Stand Sets: 7 x 9 secs

  • Progression: L-Sit PB Low Sets: 5 x 12 seconds

  • Progression: Front Lever - Tuck Sets: 7 x 9 seconds

  • Progression: Back Lever - Tuck Sets: 5 x 12 seconds

Starting point

Keeping a visual document of my progress is important, this will allow me to understand if my form is poor or if there are clear signs of improvement.

This is my starting point: