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Why I Want to Learn Touch Typing

I’ve been using computers all my life and I’ve only just realised that I don’t properly know how to position my hands whilst I type. I created my own method, but is it correct? I’m fast, but can I be faster? Can I write with few errors? How much will this skill actually benefit me?

I want to explore this skill and see if I can relearn how to type. Who knows, it may help me in the long run.

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Weekly Progress

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Current Status: Discontinued

After dedicating 4 weeks to this project I have seen my touch typing skills more than double in speed.

This skill has helped me greatly with using computers. I take notes faster, fill in forms faster and type with few errors. This has allowed me to gain back my time and work efficiently.

Now that I’ve learned how to type and my foundations are solid, I believe I no longer need to commit to practicing touch typing, I can just incorporate the skill into my daily life.

As I use the computer on a daily basis I have no excuse to make use of the skill, I just need to make sure that I maintain the correct technique.

If I’m consistent, I know I’ll only get faster.

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