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Why I Want to Learn Jazz Piano


I’ve always had an appreciation with pianist, more specifically jazz pianists. Listening to them play (whoever it is) always made me want to take up the piano and become one of them. Their creativity and mastery with the piano was impressive and I wanted that.

At a young age my parents forced me to learn classical piano, and I hated it. I cried and whined and before I could attempt a classical grade I managed to get out of learning it.

It’s my one regret.

I guess I was too young to realise how I would appreciate the ability to play piano later on in life. If I had listened to my parents and kept it up I wouldn’t be here needing to learn the piano all over again.

That’s not to say that I stopped music completely. In my teens I taught myself the guitar and what I learned from the guitar I transferred over to the piano, but I was never confident in my abilities. I didn’t know how to read music and I felt like a fake whenever I played the instrument.

So I want to dedicate time learning piano again, more specifically jazz piano. I want to understand the theory, what works and what doesn’t.

I’m not expecting to be a jazz master at the end of this project, but I want to see how far I can progress if I just sit down and focus in front of the piano.

Visual Progress

I wanted to record my progress to allow me to see where I was going wrong, how I can be better, as well as see how much I’ve improved.

Weekly Progress

Every week I review my progress. Click below to view the entire archive. 

Current Status: Discontinued

After 18 weeks of committing to this project I have decided to move on and focus on other projects instead.

To be at the level I’d like to be with jazz piano requires a lot of time and commitment, frankly, I’d like to use that time learning other skills that can benefit me in other ways.

I’ve really enjoyed the process and I’m glad I did this. I’ll still play piano every now and then, but I won’t commit to it the way I did for the past 18 weeks.

I may even forget a few of the pieces that I learned, but I’ll still enjoy sitting in front of a piano every time I get the chance.

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