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Why I Want to Learn Gymnastics


Working out and being healthy has always been important to me. If you don’t have your health what else do you have? That’s why you would find me at the gym lifting weights and keeping active, but I realised the workouts I would implement in my training didn’t really give me functionality for everyday life.

All of that heavy lifting helped me put on weight and muscle, but my shoulders were tight and my hips were even tighter.

I realised I was training for aesthetics and not for longevity.

I’ve always been impressed with how gymnasts are able to hold their body whilst performing complicated movements.

Even after lifting heavyweights at the gym, I wasn’t able to replicate the most basic gymnastic movements.

I realised that understanding the basics of gymnastics would help me be more in tune with my body, it’ll help me with everyday life and give me more strength than I ever had. My flexibility is poor and my mobility is weak. Hopefully, by learning how to perform similar gymnastic movements, I’ll be able achieve my goals that’ll benefit me in all aspects of my life.

Visual Progress

Every week I visually document my progress, this will help me understand where I’m going wrong and (hopefully) see incremental improvements.

Weekly Progress

Every week I review my progress. Click below to view the entire archive. 

Current Status: In-Progress

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