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Why do I want to learn how to draw?


Studying graphic design in university, I’ve always been exposed to creativity, but it was of a different kind. I designed infographics, posters, and flyers. I hardly ever drew as a lot of my work consisted of working with text and images on the computer. I hardly got to work on my drawing skills and push myself creatively.

For this project I want to get confident with my drawing skills, more specifically drawing kawaii art. The are several reasons why I want to learn this specific style of art:

  • I believe it’s not too difficult to pick up

  • I’ve always found this style to be creative

  • It’s fun and playful

When learning how to draw, it’s probably best to learn how to draw what is around me, but I feel a camera can do a better job than me in a fraction of the time. I want to be creative and design creatures and environments out of thin air. I want to challenge myself with my creativity and gain confidence with putting pen to paper.

The problem with being creative is that there’s no right or wrong. What you might think is a rubbish drawing, can be a masterpiece to another. So how will I know I’m moving in the right direction?

Hopefully, I will find the answer as I delve into my drawing journey.

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Weekly Report

Every week I review my progress and my weekly doodles. Click below to view the entire archive. 

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