Learning Touch-Typing: Week 2

Week 2


I managed to finish the course on Typing Club. It was a great resource and it was completely free! I’ve managed to speed up my typing in just two weeks and I’m now using the correct form.


Studying Time - 8.5 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart.png

What Did I Learn?

How to properly position my fingers for numbers and well as symbols.

What Did I Struggle With?

Numbers, I need to figure out a way to remember what fingers are used for the correct numbers on the keyboard.

An interesting stat.


From the picture above, my top 5 weakest letters are:

  • f

  • x

  • b

  • q

  • z

I’m surprised the letter f is there as it’s the resting position of the two fingers. I need to practice on the accuracy of these keys.