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Learning Touch-Typing: Week 1

Week 1


This week I wanted to take a break from learning jazz piano and focus on learning a new skill; touch typing. Composing an email, writing new content and typing in passwords all require you to use a keyboard, if I can get good at this skill it’ll make life so much easier. I’ve learned a lot in just one week and I will share my findings with you soon.


Studying Time - 9 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart (3).png

What Did I Learn?

Finger placement. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time! Here’s a breakdown of what fingers should be used for each key.

Touch typing.png

What Did I Struggle With?

Starting all over again. Before learning how to touch type, my technique was all over the place. I was fast but I made a lot of mistakes. Now that I’m strengthening my foundations and learning the correct technique, I can see and feel a huge improvement in my typing.

What’s your speed?

Curious to know how fast you can type? Take the test now and see what your current speed is.

Test: Start typing test

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