Learning Jazz Piano: Week 4

Week 4

A - 12 hours, B - 10 hours, C - 8 hours, D - 6 hours, E - 4 hours, F - 2 hours

2. The Galiway Chart.jpg

Studying Time - 3.5 Hours

What Did I Work On?

This week was quite tricky as I was unable to get any time in front of a piano, so I tried to focus on theory and work on my sight-reading. As you can see from the chart above, it didn't go too well.

What Did I Struggle With?

Committing to learning.

Further Thoughts.

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting somewhere in the south of France with no piano in sight. I'm currently here for the week celebrating a wedding, so I'm going to be a bit lenient with my studies and accept that I won't be able to get much done. I'll pick it back up when I get back.