Learning Jazz Piano: Introduction.

Time for a change.

Learning Jazz Piano.jpg

After dedicating 10 months to learning Swedish I have decided to move on and focus my attention on a new skill, jazz piano.

Although I didn't reach the level of fluency in another language I am able to converse at a basic level. I've learned a lot about the process of learning a new language and I will take that with me when I break down the skill of learning an instrument.

Grade 3 in 3 Months.

I always remind myself of what Robert Greene said,

"Give yourself arbitrary deadlines to meet certain standards, constantly push yourself past perceived limits."

With that being said, I too want to set far-fetched goals and push myself past my limits. In three months I managed to learn enough Swedish to surprise my girlfriend, this time, I want to attain a grade 3 level in jazz piano.

Can it be done? Who knows. I guess we'll find out.

What will happen to my Swedish?

I really enjoyed learning a new language and it's something that I'll still be using whilst conversing with my girlfriend. Although I won't be studying the language as intensely as before, I'm sure the skill will not go to waste. Even though I didn't reach my goals I learned a lot along the way. Below are a few links that highlight my Swedish learning journey.

Surprising my girlfriend.

10-month Swedish progress.

An infographic of my journey.