Learning Jazz Piano: Week 6

Week 6

A - 12 hours, B - 10 hours, C - 8 hours, D - 6 hours, E - 4 hours, F - 2 hours

My first A! It makes up for the no show last week.

My first A! It makes up for the no show last week.

Studying Time - 12.5 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart (1).jpg

What Did I Work On?

Theory, Scales, Arpeggios and a bit of La La Land.

Video Updates

I had the ‘La La Land’ soundtrack in my head so I thought I’d spend some time on it this week.

What I’ve learned.

How to fix a sustain pedal! Earlier this week I managed to break the sustain pedal on the upright piano. Rather than paying someone to have a look at it, I thought I’d open up the piano and fix it myself. After a few minutes of opening up the piano and fiddling around, I figured out what the problem was and I sorted it out.


What Did I Struggle With?

The practice of playing to a metronome is somewhat difficult (and annoying!). I know in the long run it’ll be good for me so I have to keep it up.

A Goal For Next Week.

Start learning a song on the Jazz Grade 3 syllabus.

Best Learning Tips.

Always practice to a metronome. It’ll help with rhythm and timing.

Further Thoughts.

This week I’ve strayed away from the Jazz Grade 3 syllabus to practice a song that I wanted to learn for myself. I realise with the time constraints that I’ve given myself, it’s probably best to get back on the syllabus and try and get as much done as humanly possible.