Learning Jazz Piano: Week 3

Week 3

A - 12 hours, B - 10 hours, C - 8 hours, D - 6 hours, E - 4 hours, F - 2 hours


Studying Time - 6 Hours

2. The Galiway Chart.jpg

What Did I Work On?

After randomly listening to 'Jealous' by Labrinth, I felt inspired to try and learn the piano parts. I found a (free) music sheet and read it at a painfully slow pace. Nonetheless, it was good to see where I am with sight reading. I'm not great, but I'm getting there!

Video Updates

A little clip of me playing the piece. This is after about 3 hours of practice.

What Did I Struggle With?

Sight reading quickly.

A Goal For Next Week.

Since I won't have a piano in front of me next week, it'll be to focus on the theory side of music.

Further Thoughts.

I thought I'd break up the monotony of scales and arpeggios and try to learn a song. Sight-reading was slow and painful, but I got there in the end. 

Still got a long way to go!